TrailFun Winter Series 1 of 4 : Mooiplaas
Sat 12 Jun 2021, 07:20 @ Stellenbosch Farms, Western Cape

Trail Fun

This Event is limited to 170 entries only.  There are 80 entries reserved for members of TrailFun Hero. Together they make our 250 limit.   Unpaid entries will be deleted after 4 days unless you have contacted us and made a payment arrangement (Yes, we care about you and we make arrangements)

Trail Running on Wine Farms

  • Safe, Intermediate level 5km
  • Challenging 10km 
  • Run the 10km then 5km for 15km
  • Run the 10km x 2 for 21km
  • You can walk any distance

Please note : the 10km route will be a soft 10 (ie shorter than 10km).  Route will be published on FaceBook and Instagram over the weekend.  This script will be updated with further details too.

Mooiplaas is beautiful. A large portion of the Estate forms part of the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy and is registered as Mooiplaas Private Nature Reserve - yip, that's where you are going.

For us, its not all views and running. Mooiplaas has some exceptional high end wines and a value range that is extremely good, and at their prices - you will love them. Yes, there is an MCC (and its really good)

Route maps will be posted over the weekend. This will be a soft 10km (shorter than 10km). There is some elevation (less than Ft Simon) but it is in the beginning while you are still fresh.  This is an intermediate level route with an uphill to start then beautiful scenery for the downhill.   Finish line has wine, breakfast, coffee and prize giving with lucky draws.  Mooiplaas has some amazing entry level wines - you have got to check these out, they are brilliant.  There is an excellent MCC here too.  This is going to be a fun Saturday.

There is a new format - to keep you safe !

Individual = start any time, alone or with friends

Group = Race, ready - steady - go

How cool is this, there is a choice of starts too.

  • The 5km and 10km have the option of a Traditional Group Start as runners race for podium positions and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  (junior entries do not get prizes)
  • or, Start at your leisure with the individual start.  If you are looking for a fun,  relaxed day running through a wine farm then this is for you.  Start when you want, any time up to 10am.  No groups, no crowds, just you and nature ... and you can sleep late.
  • 15km and 21km are Individual Start only, there are no positional prizes, they are designed as L.S.D. training runs (long-slow-distance).

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Please take note - Sunrise is 10 min before 8am so we will start later for the next few events

Group Starts

  1. Collect your timing card from Registration
  2. Line up for the Race (8.00 for 10km; 8.20 for 5km)
  3. Run

Individual Starts

  1. Collect your timing card from Registration
  2. Scan at the Start Line
  3. Run 

Prize Giving and Lucky Draw at 10.00

Relaxed style start times

  • you choose what time you would like to start                  
    • 5km from 7.45 to 10.00          

    • 10km from 7.25 to 10.00           

    • 15km and 21km from 7.05 to 10.00

  • no morning rush, you can even sleep in

Please note : Registration Start times for Group Start.

Group Start
15km + 21km
Indiv start only
    When you finish    

YES - you can walk it.

15km - you run the 10km route then the 5km route

21km - you run the 10km route x 2 (remember, the 10km route will be shorter)

Actually, you can run as much as you want - ask Peter.

There is an option to include a Bottle of Mooiplaas  Wine

NEW Winter Series Medal 1 of 4

Saturday 12 June 2021

Entries are from R70 to R210  There are NO on the day entries at this event.

Do it today :

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Contact : Rodney Russell

Tel : 074 900 9235

Email : rodney[at]

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
TrailFun : 21km with wine
includes bottle of wine
21 km loop of the 10km route 07:20 R 210.00
TrailFun : 21km 21 km loop of the 10km route 07:20 R 150.00
TrailFun : 15km with wine
includes bottle of wine
15 km run the 5km and 10km routes 07:20 R 210.00
TrailFun : 15km 15 km run the 5km and 10km routes 07:20 R 150.00
TrailFun : 10km with wine
includes bottle of wine
10 km 07:40 R 210.00
TrailFun : 10km
Full 10km, no loop.
10 km 07:40 R 150.00
TrailFun : 5km with wine
includes bottle of wine
5 km 08:00 R 180.00
TrailFun : 5km 5 km entry level 5km 08:00 R 120.00
TrailFun : 5km (Juniors) 5 km entry level 5km 08:00 R 70.00

Event location
Mooiplaas, Stellenbosch Farms

Coordinates -33.921074190441, 18.739686151123
Address Bottelary Road, Stellenbosch, 7600
City Stellenbosch Farms
Province Western Cape