TrailFun Autumn Series 4 of 4 : Karibib
Sat 21 May 2022, 07:20 @ Stellenbosch Farms, Western Cape

Trail Fun

We care about you and want you to succeed.  We arrange runs for you in a safe environment, on a well marked route, that is fun, so you can relax and enjoy your morning run.

There is a legend that surrounds the Smokkelman.  Legend has it he was conceived on a hillside vineyard at dawn on the first day of bud-break.  Touched by the Goddess Demeter. Born on the damp floor of a cool cellar under a full moon on a sweltering autumn equinox at perfect phenolic ripeness. The bastard love child of a visionary winemaker and a cantankerous sommelier. Raised on nothing but bread, wine, and hopeful aspirations... 

You will be the first to run the Smokkelman route, through the Karibib Vines.  This route does have some hills.  The route is designed to break up the hills and make it easier for beginners.  All the uphill sections are marked for Run/Walk.  You can do this.

The 10km is challenging with around 400m of elevation.  It is a little tough (but so are you)

There is a huge lucky draw with the prizegiving.  This will be an excellent Saturday morning

Trail Running on Wine Farms

  • Safe, Entry level 5km
  • Challenging 10km
  • Run the 10km then 5km for 15km
  • Run the 10km x 2 for 21km
  • You can walk any distance

Wine entry includes a bottle of Smoggelman Wine.

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Relaxed Run

  1. Collect your timing card from Registration
  2. Scan at the Start Line
  3. Run 

Relaxed Run Registration

  • from 7.00am to 9.30am
  • you choose what time you would like to start
  • no morning rush, you can even sleep in
  • On-the-day-entries from 7.00am to 9.20am

The Race Start Times

  • 10km Race starts at 7.40am
  • 5km Race starts at 8.00am

The Race Registration

  • 10km Registration starts at 7.20am to 7.40am
  • 5km Registration starts at 7.40am to 8.00am

The Answer is YES!

YES - you can walk it.

YES - you can include a Bottle of Smoggelman Wine.

YES - on the day entries from 7.00am.

(unfortunately, no dogs at this one)

Autumn Series Medal 4 of 4

Saturday 21 May 2022

Entries are from R70 to R210  There are on the day entries at this event.

Do it today :

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Contact : Rodney Russell

Tel : 074 900 9235

Email : rodney[at]

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
TrailFun : 5km (Juniors) 5 km entry level 5km 07:00 R 70.00
TrailFun : 5km 5 km entry level 5km 07:00 R 120.00
TrailFun : 10km
Full 10km, no loop.
10 km 07:00 R 150.00
TrailFun : 15km 15 km run the 5km and 10km routes 07:00 R 150.00
TrailFun : 21km 21 km loop of the 10km route 07:00 R 150.00
TrailFun : 5km with wine
includes bottle of wine
5 km 07:00 R 180.00
TrailFun : 10km with wine
includes bottle of wine
10 km 07:00 R 220.00
TrailFun : 15km with wine
includes bottle of wine
15 km run the 5km and 10km routes 07:00 R 220.00
TrailFun : 21km with wine
includes bottle of wine
21 km loop of the 10km route 07:00 R 220.00

Event location
Karibib Vineyards & Craft Wine, Stellenbosch Farms

Coordinates -33.962195492299, 18.732519288635
Address Karibib Vineyards, Polkadraai Road, Stellenbosch
City Stellenbosch Farms
Province Western Cape